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Efficient and Safe Band Instrument Storage with Musical Instrument Lockers and Music Room Cabinets

Universities, churches, professional orchestras, K-12 schools, or any organization that supports the arts through music has come across the problem of finding effective ways to store muscial instruments while keeping them secure. Muscial instruments stored in unprotected common areas are at a high risk for theft, and even if instruments are stored in a locked music room can still be misidentified or damaged.

wire door music instrument storage cabinets and lockers

Musical Instrument Lockers and Music Room Cabinets are a perfect solution for efficient and safe band instrument storage. Our Music Room Cabinets for band instrument storage can be customized to fit any size instrument and secured with your preferred locking mechanism. (view images of Musical Instrument Lockers and Music Room Cabinets)

Personalize Musical Instrument Lockers and Music Room Cabinets to Meet Your Needs

Music Room Cabinets along the wall to maximize space and secure band instruments

With Musical Instrument Lockers and Cabinets, each instrument is stored separately in a custom space built to your exact specifications. These Music Room Cabinets can be built for different types of instrument storage. You can specify to have the lockers and cabinets sized for storing instruments in cases or out of the cases. Another option is to equip the instrument lockers and cabinets with mounts to keep instruments accessible for quick retrieval and play. No matter what type of band instrument storage you prefer, we can personalize the Music Room Cabinets and Lockers to meet your needs.Lockers and cabinets for efficient and secure Band Instrument Storage

The Musical Instrument Lockers and Cabinets offer flexibility in floor plan layouts to meet your precise facility requirements. In addition, the lockers and cabinets are available in numerous types of materials and finishes to match any room or facility decor.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides all types of organizations with Musical Instrument Lockers and Music Room Cabinets for band instrument storage. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with your local representative about storing you instruments.

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