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Southwest Solutions Group® is the industry leader and state-of-the-art provider of information management solutions and innovative business efficiency systems for commercial offices and industrial facilities. Our team's continued expansion and accomplishments are dependent on highly motivated and talented individuals who desire growth and success. If you are energetic, positive, and self-motivated, apply today!we are hiring career opportunities for southwest solutions group

We are currently searching for exceptional candidates For The Following Positions:

  • Space Planner/Project Estimator Job Description (Dallas, Texas)
    Please click here to apply.  Click here for more information on Space Planner job.
    We are looking for a talented individual in the Dallas area with a passion for space planning and layout design of large storage systems, modular casework, movable wall systems, and furniture. You will be in charge designing and developing pricing for customer projects. This opportunity requires a high degree of critical thinking and customer service skills. 
  • Information Management Project Manager Job Description (Dallas, Texas)
    Please click here to apply. Click here to see Project Manager job description.
    This is a fast-paced, multitask position managing on site team members and project scope requirements. Projects include document and asset management services. Must be able to evaluate the status of projects and identify bottlenecks or challenges that require process change.
  • Business Development Associate Job Description (Aiken, South Carolina)
    Please click here to apply. Click here for more information on the Business Development Associate opportunity. We are seeking a self-motivated individual with the capacity to work both alone and with a team. You will be working closely with sales reps and other team members to research and identify sales opportunities, make phone calls, email introductions, and schedule appointments and luncheon presentations. This position is located in Aiken, South Carolina, and reports directly to the Business Development Manager.
  • Marketing Assistant Job Description (Austin, Texas)
    Please click here to apply. Click here for more information on the Assistant Marketing Manager opportunity. We are looking for an individual with critical thinking skills and ability to manage multiple marketing initiatives at one time.  Applicants need to have an aptitude to see a project through to completion with a high degree of accuracy. Applicant needs to have some graphic design experience but does not need to necessarily have formal training. This position is in Austin, Texas, and reports directly to the Marketing Manager.

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