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4-post shelving with perforated uprights provide ventilation for storing combat gear4-post shelving with perforated uprights were an engineered-to-order (ETO) solution for a law enforcement academy to provide proper security and ventilation for storing combat gear within the lockers. For ventilation and proper gear drying, perforated end panels, slotted shelving, and horizontal garment rods were added the the 4-post shelving units. Rolling security doors were also used to prevent theft and tampering.

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ventilated lockers for storing combar gear

The law enforcement academy trains public safety candidates in tactical hand-to-hand combat with expensive full-body gear, helmets, and nightsticks. After they've been used, the gear tends to be wet from sweat. Without proper ventilation, the gear acquires odors and leaves them susceptible to moisture-related health hazards, such as mold and other allergens. However, the academy was having some trouble finding an effective storage solution for storing the gear. Originally, the academy used wooden tree stands in the training room to hang sweaty gear for drying. The issue here was that the tree stands didn't provide any security for the expensive equipment, and just left them laying out where anyone could take them.

perforated 4 post shelving for storing & securing combat gear with ventilation

The 4-post shelving with perforated uprights solved both the ventilation and security issues the academy was facing. The perforated end panels, slotted shelving, and horizontal garment rods allow air to circulate throughout the lockers while still keeping the gear stored inside locked up and secure. The rolling doors provide added security without sacrificing ventilation.

In addition to ventilation and added security, the 4-post shelving with perforated uprights also saved the law enforcement academy a considerable amount of floor space. The academy was able to remove the ten wooden tree stands that were originally used to dry the equipment to free up their space. The 4-post shelving with perforated uprights stored all the combat training equipment against the wall, giving them enough space to turn the rest of the room into a classroom.

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