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Battery-Less Mechanical Locks

sustainable battery less mechanical keyless locks

Sustainable battery-less mechanical keyless locks are ideal for multi-user day access control in schools, gyms, locker rooms, offices, hospitals, amusement parks, and much more. Read on to learn more about battery-less mechanical locks.

The lock's easy and keyless operation allows users to pick their own combination and locker, which only the user and manager has access to. Once the user is done with the locker, it's easy to reset and scramble the code again from the front. This makes them ideal for multi-user access control in assigned or shared environments.

Its solid metal design can be used in wet or dry areas from offices to pools. Since the locks are battery-less, they are maintenance-free, require no operating expenses, and produce no harmful waste. A durable design with no weak plastic components or wires also guarantees long-lasting use.

The mechanical keyless locks also guarantee enhanced security with its anti-vandalism and anti-pick features, break-away knobs, 10,000 possible PIN combinations, and reprogrammable master keys.

Mechanical Keyless Lock Benefits

  • Cost-effectivemechanical keyless locks multi user day access control
  • Easy to use
  • Easy & secure management
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly (no batteries, no maintenance)
  • Usable in moist environments
  • Usable for right or left-handed users
  • User selected code
  • Solid metal, anti-vandalism, and anti-pick locks provide enhanced security
  • Reprogrammable master key
  • 5 year replacement warranty

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