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Healthcare Inventory Management Systems Using RFID & Cloud Server Technology

smart cabinet rfid technology managing healthcare devices and consignment stock

LogiTag products are intelligent healthcare inventory management systems that utilize state-of-the-art RFID technology. The systems address the tracking needs of hospitals including managing inventory, supplies reordering, asset tracking and patient monitoring. Each tracking system is fully integrated and managed from a single software platform making it a one-stop-shop for RFID solutions.

3 Types of Healthcare Inventory Management Systems

LogiTrack for Tracking Patients and Devices

LogiTrack is a real-time location system (RTLS) that gives hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics a method to accurately monitor, locate, and trigger events based on location and status. The technology can be used to manage assets, monitor patients, locate staff, call nurses, or monitor temperatures of devices (find out more about the LogiTrack here).

The Smart Cabinet Managing Medical Devices and Consignment Stock

The Smart Cabinet uses RFID technology for medical device and consignment stock inventory management. Together with its point-of-use reporting application, the Smart Cabinet gives hospitals and vendors exact, real-time inventory management at the item level (watch video to learn more about the Smart Cabinet).

ReStock Tags for Reordering Medical Productsrfid restock tag inventory management system for medical supplies

ReStock Tags combine a two-bin lean Kanban configuration with advanced RFID technology and cloud based software to collect reordering information from RFID-enabled digital tags, to run real-time regular restocking reports, or to send automated restocking requests as they occur to hospital ERP systems (click here to read more about ReStock Tags)

The LogiTag Cloud Based Server Application

Each healthcare inventory management system works with the LogiPlatform – LogiTag’s cloud server application. The LogiPlatform is the software system that is at the heart of each healthcare inventory management system.

The LogiPlatform is design with latest Microsoft .NET technologies, and features a web-based interface with roll based module access, dashboards, reports and an iPad application. An HL7 based interface mechanism allows for easy interfacing with 3rd party system such as HIS, ERP, WMS and clinical software. The LogiPlatform is constructed in multi-layer architecture, enabling scalability according to the scope of the hardware in use, as well as redundancy.

LogiPlatform Dashboard and InterfaceLogiPlatform cloud server technology manages supplies

The LogiPlatform includes a detailed and graphical dashboard that presents users with an attractive graphical user-interface and key performance indicators. The dashboard tool is dynamic, changing its visual information according to the user or selectable parameters. For example – the user can change the view to hospital wide, or just specific clinical area.

The LogiPlatform also enables you to customize who can view the data and reports. The system enables defining “knowledge groups” and grant them with access to the relevant information. Each user defined in the system belongs to a knowledge group, and can only be exposed to the information his group is allowed to access. A user can received different access rights to the information available to his knowledge group.

LogiPlatform Reporting CapabilitiesLogiPlatform cloud server technology interface is easy to use

The LogiPlatform includes a report module that provides users with the information they need. Reports included in the LogiPlatform are:

  • Items to Reorder with Reorder Quantity
  • Restock Frequency
  • Stat items
  • Total Consumption Per Item
  • Picked Items in process
  • Stock Cards
  • StockBox Connection Status
  • Orders History
  • Summarize Items On Order
  • Out Of Stock

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