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Most Advanced Filing Systems For Offices Using Mobile File Shelving

The most advanced filing systems for offices maximize floor space and improve productivity of workers. These days lease space can be very expensive especially in downtown high rise buildings. While the high cost of floor space is a necessary evil, it can be the foundation for inspiration to create a very creative eco-friendly design that maximizes and uses every inch of available space. Mobile file shelving will conserve office storage space by providing more floor space for additional cubicles, conference rooms, and break rooms.

Using Tenant Improvement Allowance to Reduce Your Lease Space with Advanced Filing Systems

mobile file shelving units Oklahoma City Little Rock Kansas City Tulsa Fort Smith Springfield Rogers Wichita Fayetteville TexarkanaWhen you are leasing new space the landlord will offer a tenant improvement allowance to build-out or retrofit the office space for your specific use. A great way to use the tenant improvement allowance is to exchange your lateral file cabinets for an advanced filing system that reduces the amount of space needed or better utilizes your new lease space.

One of the most advanced filing systems available for condensing office floor space is a mobile file shelving system. Mobile file shelving systems take lateral file cabinets or new file shelving and place them on mobile carriages that roll on tracks to save floor space. Mobile file shelving can reduce your file storage area by 50% to 80% depending on the type of file equipment you are currently using. Mobile file shelving will also store more than just files too. These space saving shelving systems will store record boxes, notebooks, office supplies and can be outfitted with drawers for smaller items.

Installing Mobile File Shelving on Upper Building Floors

Whenever you condense files on upper building floors, you also condense the weight and impact on the floor loading. One of our specialties is taking the hassles out of installing mobile file shelving on upper building floors. We have several filing systems designed specifically for installation on upper floors without having to reinforce the building's floor.

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