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Mailroom Cabinets and Mail Distribution Equipment 10 55 53

We design and install mailroom cabinets and mail distribution equipment (construction specifications category 10 55 53) in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and the entire state of Oklahoma. We offer a complete line of mailroom furniture including sorters,tables and risers, sorting cabinets, presort and bulk sort mail stations, and satellite sort stations.

Mail Distribution Equipment 10 55 33

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Mail distribution equipment (view mail distribution equipment furniture images) is critical to insure the efficient and accurate flow of information through your organization. Poorly design mailroom cabinets and built-in millwork rarely provide the adjustability to meet the changing needs of mailrooms. Lack of flexibility and adjustability can result errors in distribution, loss of productivity, and lost or delayed mail.

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See specifications and pricing for bulk sorting shelving, stand alone and table top sorters, mail tables, mailroom casework and kits.
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Important Mailroom Cabinet Design Features

Flexible and easy to adjust mailroom cabinets and mail distribution equipment is important to meet the changing needs of your organization. A well designed mailroom ensures safe and efficient distribution of documents throughout your organization. Below are some important design features of mail distribution furniture.

  • A wide range heights, depths and widths of mail room tables, mail room sorters and accessories
  • Adjustable height mailroom tables to accommodate standing and sitting positions
  • Easily adjustable mail sorting openings
  • Mail sorting shelves with easy to read labels that incorporate color recognition for quick and accurate mail sorting
  • Optional accessories (doors, drawers, etc...) to efficiently store supplies
  • No sharp metal shelf edges that injure fast moving hands

mail distribution equipment mailroom cabinets Oklahoma City Tulsa Lawton Broken Arrow Stillwater Durant Muskogee Bartlesville Altus

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Southwest Solutions Group has been designing mailroom cabinets and mail distribution equipment in Oklahoma City and the entire state of Oklahoma since 1969. Call us today at 405-879-3448 or send us a message. We will gladly answer any design or planning questions you may have about mailroom cabinets.

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