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Viking metal racking shelves & cabinets preserve museum artifacts

viking metal racking shelves and cabinetsAre you searching for a strong, yet flexible storage solution to help preserve the integrity of various exhibit artifacts and objects? If you answered yes, then Viking metal racking shelves and cabinets is what you need. The systems are crafted from a formula that have proven successful for over half a century and are the best of its kind when its comes to custom fabricated metal products. It involves working with a combination of metal cabinets, enclosures and component parts to design high-quality goods geared towards meeting your specific needs and requirements. Choose from a long line of museum shelving with drawers and doors for storing everything from botany collections and geology specimens to archival flat file compilations and entomology collections. A selection of conservation counter height and full height Viking metal racking shelves and cabinets are also available for when additional flexibility is needed. Each is designed to give you the protection you need to preserve your collection well into the future, regardless of what type of museum shelving with drawers and doors you choose. Extra space even exists in certain places to allow free circulation of air and fumigants, ensuring a longer shelf life. (see more museum storage products)

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Cost effective museum shelving with drawers & doors

These systems are also conducive to work with 4-post open shelving and easily turned in museum shelving with drawers and doors by adding accessories. And adding additional features to viking metal racking shelves and cabinets isn't expensive, either. There are a wide array of accessories available at an affordable price point to accentuate the look and presentation of your collection, no matter how big or small it is. Choose from "easy mount" swinging doors or visual sliding doors for secure access or drawers of various widths, which adjust at different increments to accommodate additional capacity for collection growth. There is also a selection of cantilever brackets, storage shelving systems and lockable enclosures designed to provide you with the flexibility you need to securely store everything from rare and valuable items to rolled textiles and pieces of a larger, heavier size.

Viking metal racking shelves & cabinets for greater storage efficiency

museum shelving with drawers and doorsWorking with a less than desirable exhibit space? Not a problem. Many of Viking metal racking shelves and cabinets can be easily stacked to accommodate space constraints or optimize floor space, allowing you to make the most out of what is available without any hassle for greater storage efficiency. Each features a different range of cubic feet space capacity to accommodate a variety of collection sizes. The degree of room available for storage depends on what configuration of museum shelving with drawers and doors you decide to use, however. Consider these three factors when designing your museum shelving with drawers and doors. (read more)

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