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storing large rolls of paper in revolving vertical storage racks

revolving vertical storage racks for storing and retrieving rolls of paper, fabric, and 3D laminateRevolving vertical storage racks are great solutions for maximizing storage of large rolls of paper, 3D laminate, and fabric in a safe, secure location that keeps them close to the point of use and saves employees time. The storage racks are automated with easy push-button operation and are built and customized to your exact specifications. The machines can store and unreel 3D laminate for membrane pressers, paper laminate, fabrics, and textiles straight onto a cutting table. The machines are heavy-duty, long-lasting, and virtually maintenance free. With the revolving vertical storage racks, rolled materials can be kept right on the production floor where it's most needed so it can be retrieved quickly and efficiently.

features of revolving vertical storage racks

The revolving storage racks can be built to your exact specifications depending on your ceiling height and maximum roll diameter. Automated single-loop racks can hold from 10-23 large rolls of paper, 3D laminate, and fabric, and the double-loop automated racks can hold up to 46 rolls. If your ceiling or budget are restricted, there are also manual revolving vertical storage racks that can store 12 large rolls in less space. Both the automated and manual racks can be combined with cutting stations and membrane pressers to further facilitate productivity and efficiency. The automated machines have a wide variety of options including automatic roll retrieval, a material measurement system, and a cut-to-length system for large rolls of paper, 3D laminate, and fabric.

additional benefits of storing rolls of Paper, 3D Laminate, & fabric on revolving vertical storage racks

storing large rolls of paper, 3D laminate, and fabric in revolving vertical storage racksRevolving vertical storage racks used to store large rolls of paper, 3D laminate, and fabric provide numerous benefits for efficiency and productivity, including:

  • Reducing the amount of floor space needed by maximizing overhead vertical storage space
  • Protecting rolled materials from damage brought by additional handling
  • Increased productivity by positioning rolls of materials next to cutting workstations
  • Reduced worker compensation claims by less handling and lifting (rolls can easily loaded by one person)
  • Push-button controls for easy operation
  • Added security with security keypad to prevent unauthorized access

 contact us for revolving vertical storage racks

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services to businesses needing more efficient ways to store large rolls of paper, 3D laminate, and fabric by using revolving vertical storage racks. To learn more or to speak with a material handling specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.

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