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increasing productivity by automating large fabric racks with cutting workstations

automated motorized large fabric racks storing rolls of fabric and textilesProcessing orders would be much faster and easier if workers didn't have to find, retrieve, and transport the fabric to the cutting station. In addition, fabric and textile rolls can easily become damaged during this process. Storing rolls on large fabric racks for automating cutting workstation productivity is an easy solution for storing rolls of fabric and textiles to increase efficiency and protect them from damage.

features of automated large fabric racks for automating cutting workstation productivity

The large fabric racks for storing rolls can be customized to fit your exact needs, but the key features of the racks include:

  • Reducing the amount of used floor space by using overhead vertical storage
  • Protecting patio shade materials from damage brought by handling and conventional storage
  • Ease of use by positioning long rolls of fabric at the cutting workstation table for operators
  • Reducing money lost on worker compensation because of injury caused by lifting
  • Loading the fabric rolls can easily be done by one person
  • Push-button controls for easy operation
  • Added security with security keypad to prevent unauthorized access

automating cutting workstation productivity with large fabric racks storing rolls

Using large fabric racks for storing textiles provides numerous benefits along with automating workstation productivity. The fabric racks, because they are vertical in design, reduce the amount of used floor space by maximizing unused overhead air space. Storing fabric on the racks also protects them from damage since it eliminates the need for unnecessary handling and transporting. The racks also only need to be loaded by one person. The rolls of fabric are also positioned at the point of use so operators can cut them at workstations right away, allowing them to get more jobs done in less time. In addition, the push-button operation of the large fabric racks make them easy to use and don't require a significant amount of additional training. There are also optional security controls that prevent unauthorized access to fabric rolls in the racks.

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