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How automatic vertical storage conveyor works to save space

automatic vertical storage conveyorProper maintenance of tires is just as important when off a vehicle as it is on one. Show them the very best of care and ensure they don't prematurely wear by using a system for storing industrial garage tires called an automatic vertical storage conveyor. With its installation, handling high density storage and the retrieval of tires is simplified. Designed as an semi or fully automatic system, it works to bring stored tires to an ergonomic height reachable by its operator with just the touch of a button. Its tire carriers, which rotate and down, employ the use of space from overhead rather than from the ground. This not only allows for maximize space utilization from a vertical standpoint, but results in floor space savings of up to 70 percent. Read more articles about systems for storing industrial garage tires. (see more automotive storage equipment)

Automatic vertical storage conveyor with storage capacity

The storage capacity of this automatic vertical storage conveyor system for storing industrial garage tires doesn't compare to that of traditional systems. A single standard carousel can handle housing for up to 352 tires, each measuring up to 44 inches. Every one is equally accessible, as well. Whether the tires have rims or not is of absolutely no consequence, either. It has the capacity to accommodate both.

Automatic vertical storage conveyor increases workplace safety

system for storing industrial garage tiresThis automatic vertical storage conveyor, which can be built to customer specifications, also serves to increase workplace safety. Because of the way it is designed to operate, the system for storing industrial garage tires effectively lowers the possibility of suffering from physical injuries while on the job. This includes harm caused by bending, lifting and pulling at sub-optimal positions, just to name a few. A security keypad and optional security gates are also available for the system, if improved security is needed. See an automatic vertical storage conveyor in motion. (Watch video)

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