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Flexible heavy-duty storage with drawers for space capacity

flexible heavy duty storage with drawersThere are many rules and regulations which must be adhered to when working with industrial materials. This is, in part, due to the fact that much of what is being handled is not only heavy and of an odd shape, but hazardous to workers health and safety. That, coupled with how stringent the operating procedures are, leaves little to no room for flexibility when it comes to the management and use of equipment for the sake of storing industrial products. Flexible heavy-duty storage with drawers can help change that, however. And it can do so, without violating workplace policies. Available in a combination of heights, widths and drawer size configurations, this adjustable steel drawer cabinet can be made to provide you with the space capacity you need to do what is expected with improved efficiency. The addition of accessories - including anti-static bins, drawer partitions and dividers, as well as grooved plastic trays - provides added flexibility when needing to improve how materials are organized.

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Adjustable steel drawer cabinet for greater storage efficiency

No matter what adjustable steel drawer cabinet design you ultimately decide to use, all are welded for long-lasting durability and stability. Drawer slides, with six steel ball bearings and four roller bearings, provide the support it needs to not only work safely, but hold up when used in any number of environments. This includes automotive repair shops, manufacturing plants and warehouses used for distribution, just to name a few. The inclusion of a forklift base allows for this flexible heavy-duty storage with drawers to be moved easily, even if filled to capacity. Its application of a strong 11-gauge guide rail, with plug-in design, also makes adjusting the system to accommodate any number of drawer combinations and sizes easy. It means you can manipulate the adjustable steel drawer cabinet however you see fit to achieve the greatest range of storage efficiency possible.

Flexible heavy-duty storage with drawers for accessibility

adjustable steel drawer cabinetThis flexible heavy-duty storage with drawers is just as dependable of a system when its comes to accessibility and capacity for storing everything from small parts to delicate resources and aids used to complete task-specific duties. This includes fasteners and connectors to measuring equipment, cutting tools and electronic parts, just to name a few. With full-height sidewalls, the system's drawers can easily accommodate a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. Accessibility to whatever is stored inside the adjustable steel drawer cabinet is provided for from both the front and side view with support from its drawers, which fully extend when pulled outward. Read more articles about adjustable steel drawer cabinets.

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