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Investment Firm Needs Form and Function from Their Mail Stations and Work Spacessatellite mail stations and work spaces custom designed for investment firm

A large investment firm needed to add satellite mail stations and work spaces throughout their building. The mail stations and work surfaces needed to fulfill a number of functional and aesthetic requirements to meet the vision of the architect and satisfy the firm. Hamilton Sorter modular casework products were chosen instead of built-in millwork because they could meet all of the architect and investment firm’s needs.

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Satellite Mail Stations are Custom Designed for Improved Aesthetics

The satellite mail stations are located at the front-of-house in main hallways and form an extension to the pantry. For the executive mail slots, the architect requested an old-style hotel look with wide, equal, permanent vertical slots rather than the traditional, flexible horizontal solution. Large vertical slots in base cabinets provide storage for FedEx and UPS boxes. On the other side, locked storage with oval openings allows for secure outgoing mail.

casework mail stations and work spaces are used for sorting and storageWork Spaces are Function as Community Gathering Areas

In addition to extensive sorting and storage, the limited square footage spaces are also designed to invite conversation and community. Coffee dispensers positioned on the work surface along with mood lighting and soffits above lend a coffeehouse feel to the area. Minor tweaks to the components provide a personalized space like on each of the 12 floors supplemented by a huge production room in the basement.

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