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Mezzanine with an Industrial Cage Elevator for transporting car partsEconomical and Space Saving Solutions for Auto Parts Storage

It’s all about smart business solutions in today’s competitive automotive environment. Reducing operating costs is a must for automotive dealerships and parts service departments. As you know, keeping the right parts on hand helps with faster turnaround times and creates happy customers; however, it is essential to make the most out of your parts storage space. One way to do this is by using Multi-Level Mezzanines for auto parts storage and an Industrial Parts Elevator to help easily manage parts from level to level. Mezzanines are a very economical solution to double your parts storage space without increasing the size of your building. (view images of Multi-Level Mezzanines)

Benefits of Multi-Level Mezzanines for Auto Parts Storage

Freestanding Warehouse Multi-Level Mezzanine doubles car parts storage area

Freestanding Multi-Level Mezzanines are modular floor systems that are supported by steel columns or posts. These freestanding mezzanines act as a second or even third floor in your building. The Multi-Level Mezzanines take previously unoccupied overhead space and converts it into productive storage space. There are numerous benefits to incorporating Multi-Level Mezzanines for auto parts storage into your parts department including,

  • Dramatically increasing your storage floor space because you are using vertical air space instead of horizontal floor space
  • Multi-Level Mezzanines save even further over new construction because you are using existing heating and cooling systems
  • Multi-Level Mezzanines are available with several types of floor surfaces and can be equipped with lights, sprinklers, handrails, stairways and many other options
  • Mezzanines can be relocated and moved within your parts department or to a new location at any time
  • Mezzanines can be easily modified to fit around existing equipment, building columns, and other obstructions, which makes them very flexible
  • Multi-Level Mezzanines can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption to your employees

VRC Material Lift Industrial Elevator for storing and retrieving parts

Benefits of an Industrial Parts Elevator for Transporting Stored Auto Parts

Also, adding an Industrial Parts Elevator only adds to the benefits provided by Multi-Level Mezzanines. The elevator makes transporting and retrieving large and bulky parts easy for employees because they won’t have to use stairs. The Industrial Parts Elevator helps to make your auto parts storage area truly personalized. You can design your area however you want to meet your exact needs without worry about how employees are going to move and store parts within different areas.

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