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What are Mechanically Operated Shelving Systems?

Mechanically Operated Shelving Systems are shelves that are placed on carriages attached to floor tracks. The shelving slides along the tracks to compact together. When a user needs access to stored items, they can expand and move the section of shelving where the item is stored to create an access aisle. The controls to move the Mechanically Operated Shelving System are either hand crank or powered. (View Mechanically Operated Shelving Systems Images)

Mechanically Operated Shelving Hand Crank Controls

Mechanically operated shelving hand crank controls

The hand crank Mechanically Operated Shelving System is a three spoke handle that you turn to open the access aisle within the shelves. The handle is easy to use and comes in several different turning effort ratios to make sure it’s comfortable for everyone to operate.

Mechanically Operated Shelving Powered Controls

The Mechanically Operated Shelving System with powered controls is the easiest way to create the aisle because all you have to do is push a button to open an aisle. It requires no force or action from the person trying to open the system. For a more detailed depiction of Mechanically Operated Shelving Systems, watch this video comparison of both the hand crank and powered controls.

Storage Applications for Mechanically Operated Shelving Systems

Mechanically Operated Shelving Systems can be used for many different storage applications including,

  • Archival storage of record boxes
  • Place your existing file cabinets
  • Sports and athletic equipment storage
  • Spare parts and tools storage
  • Healthcare narcotics and patient charts
  • Museum artwork and artifacts
  • Material handling supplies
  • Military mobility bags and armory weapons
  • Police evidence, weapons, and uniforms
  • Library books and archival boxes
  • Industrial pallet racks
  • Legal expanding gusset folders

Designing and Installing Mechanically Operated Shelving Systems

Southwest Solutions Group has been designing and installing Mechanically Operated Shelving Systems since 1969. If you would like more information on Mechanically Operated Shelving Systems, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or click here to contact us.

Mechanical Assist and Motorized Mobile Shelving Information

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