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Increase Workplace Safety with Ergonomic Carousels & Lifts

before and after ergonomic carousels were installed to increase safety

Providing safe working conditions and equipment makes for a better and more profitable business. When workers use inferior equipment they become fatigued quicker and are more likely to be injured on the job. A safe workplace that complies with OSHA requirements will also reduce worker’s compensation claims. Ergonomic Carousels & Lifts provide safe working conditions that eliminate climbing, lifting, bending, and twisting so workers can be more productive. (view images of Ergonomic Carousels & Lifts)

Ergonomic Carousels & Lifts Protect Workers and Stored Items

In addition to providing a safer workplace through ergonomics, all carousels & lifts have multiple safety systems to prevent injury and increase productivity. Features like light curtains, emergency stop buttons, automatic shutter doors and photo eyes are built into carousels and lifts to ensure the safety of both workers and the stored items. Safety can be further increased with additional safety doors, integrated safety mats, and software enabled access.

Benefits of Ergonomic Carousels & Lifts

a light curtain for protection on carousels and lifts

There are many benefits to increasing workplace safety with Ergonomic Carousels & Lifts including,

  • Parts are delivered to the worker at a waist high picking counter eliminating the need for climbing and bending
  • Complies with OSHA safety regulations
  • Easy to integrate hoists, lifts, carts, and transport tables to the counter for handling large heavy parts
  • Multiple safety features to protect both workers and stored items

Contact Us for Ergonomic Carousels & Lifts to Increase Workplace Safety

Southwest Solutions Group® is a full service authorized dealer of Ergonomic Carousels & Lifts providing design assistance, installation, replacement parts, and maintenance services. For more information about Ergonomic Carousels & Lifts to increase workplace safety in your facility, give us a call toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with your local representative.

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