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An Automated Vertical Lift Storage System Available on GSA and TXMAS Contract

The Kardex Shuttle XP VLM is an Automated Vertical Lift Storage System that will meet a broad range of storage and retrieval applications in government agencies, universities, k-12 schools, municipalities, police departments, and more. The combination of storage density, flexibility, efficiency, and security makes the Kardex Shuttle XP VLM an ideal solution for numerous functions throughout your organization. In addition, this Automated Vertical Lift Storage System is available from us on GSA and TXMAS Contracts. (view images of Kardex Automated Vertical Lift Storage Systems)

How the Kardex Shuttle XP VLM Works

The Kardex Shuttle XP VLM is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays stored on both the front and back sides of the unit with an extractor device placed in the center. The extractor automatically extracts and delivers storage trays with the inventoried items to and ergonomic access window with a push of a button or a scan of a barcode. Using CubeStar® smart technology, the Kardex Shuttle XP VLM system automatically scans the height of the product on each tray to find the ideal storage location within the unit. Storage trays are stored in one inch (25 mm) increments using the least amount of space and maximizing the storage density within the unit.

store heavy items in kardex shuttle xp vlm on txmas contract

Reasons to Use the Kardex Shuttle XP VLM

There are many reasons to use Automated Vertical Lift Storage Systems. Here are some opf the reasons why your organization should consider the Kardex Shuttle XP VLM:

The Kardex Shuttle XP VLM Will Save Floor Space

With machine heights to meet your exact requirements, the Kardex Shuttle XP VLM will provide true floor to ceiling storage. By using overhead space the Kardex Shuttle XP VLM can recover up to 85% of otherwise wasted space.

Automated Vertical Lift Storage Systems Improve Ergonomics & Safety

in government offices use automated vertical lift storage systems

With this Automated Vertical Lift Storage System there is no longer a need for employees to bend, reach, squat, or climb to retrieve a stored item. The Kardex Shuttle XP VLM works on the “Goods to Person” principle and delivers all items automatically to an ergonomically positioned access window. Trays can also be delivered to each user’s specific work height. Shutter doors provide increased safety and security for operators and stored items.

A Kardex Shuttle XP VLM Will Increase Productivity & Accuracy

Stored items are automatically delivered to the operator to eliminate wasted walk and search time. Integrating pick-to-light technology on the machine immediately identifies the item and quantity to be picked, which will increase productivity by up to 2/3 while providing the highest levels of accuracy. In fact, directing the operator to the exact location of the pick can increase accuracy levels up to 99.9%.

an ergonomic automated vertical lift storage system is the kardex shuttle xp

Flexibility & Modularity are Key Features of the Kardex Shuttle XP VLM

Each tray within the Kardex Shuttle XP VLM can be programmed to meet your needs: slower extractor speeds for sensitive items; positioning fast moving trays close to the access opening for fast retrieval; and restricted access to designated individual trays for security. For maximum flexibility various weight capacity trays can be mixed in one Kardex Shuttle XP VLM unit. A modular design allows for the unit height to be changed at any point to meet your organization’s changing workflow and inventory profile.

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