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Seed Testing Facility Uses Mobilized Storage

environmentally controlled mobilized storage system increases storage capacityOne of the world's largest independent seed testing companies was quickly running out of storage space for their environmentally controlled sample storage facility. The company needed a larger storage capacity and a better method of accessing, tracking, and controlling samples while also avoiding costly building expansions. The solution was an environmentally controlled mobilized storage system for the seed testing company.

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The high density, environmentally controlled mobilized storage system eliminates the need for idle aisles and can more than double available storage capacity when compared to traditional wire racking or static shelving. The company planned renovations around this storage system and was thus able to build a new on-site environmentally controlled room rather than construct a new off-site facility to store samples.

The rail used with the environmentally controlled mobilized storage system was recessed into the unfinished concrete floor of the new room. Because it was flush to the concrete, it made traveling in and out of aisles with sample carts or wheeled ladders easier and less disruptive.

mobilized storage increases storage capacity in environmentally controlled roomsBy using standard 4-post shelving with steel upright panels on the mobilized storage carriages, the seed testing company was able to create a clean, finished look without having to use any other materials like wood or laminate, which can potentially warp or absorb moisture in an environmentally controlled room. The company was also able to maximize available vertical space by installing eleven rows of shelving that reach over 10 feet high.

Because of the high density storage capacity of the environmentally controlled mobilized storage system with 4-post shelving, the seed testing company more than doubled their storage capacity, saved over $200,000 in new construction costs, and eliminated downtime and disruption that would have resulted from a large construction project. The previous sample storage capacity was at 38,000 samples, and the company now has over 80,000 samples stored. The environmentally controlled mobilized storage system also helped the company solve many organizational, control, and tracking issue. In addition to the hard cost savings the company experienced, the operational savings that will result from keeping the environmentally controlled room and control systems smaller will continue to make a large financial impact in the coming years.

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