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compact mobile storage increases capacity for electrical manufacturer in the same spaceA large manufacturer in the electrical power industry frequently launches new products and was facing multiple challenges with regard to the storage capacity required for their products. The manufacturer was able to increase their storage capacity with compact mobile storage and also solve their accessibility challenges for their new product launch.


With more products being introduced and a need for additional storage and manufacturing, additional capacity was required. However, the manufacturer could not add additional construction to their building. Any storage solution would have to be within the same space.

More SKU’s being introduced demanded individual accessibility to each SKU. The work-in-progress area was going to have to be located a significant distance away from the new product line, creating long travel times and, reduced productivity, and increased labor costs associated with material handling.

Many alternate storage solutions had been evaluated, but none of them quite fit the manufacturer’s exact storage needs. They needed a flexible solution that would allow for change and growth in capacity.


A compact mobile storage solution was developed to address the manufacturer’s operational, capacity, throughput, and growth projections.

The manufacturer has experienced many benefits from installing compact mobile storage systems.manufacturer compact mobile pallet racking storage

  • The compact mobile storage increased capacity by 75%
  • Provided a total compact solution:
  • 115 total pallet racks
  • 1,610 pallet positions
  • 3,080,000 lbs on mobile storage
  • Storage area 46’ x 80’
  • Racks on 30’ tall uprights
  • Installing compact mobile storage has allowed them to exceed capacity requirement and offer years of future growth
  • Allows work-in-progress storage to be located directly next to production, minimizing travel patterns
  • Offers full accessibility to each SKU

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