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high density automatic motorized shelving systems storage racksAutomatic shelving systems can help you improve space efficiencies, productivity, and organization for whatever you're storing, whether it's files and boxes, bulky industrial items, automotive parts, etc. These automated motorized electronic storage racks include high density push-button sliding shelves and vertical carousels, each with their own unique benefits and features. Read on to learn about the difference between automated shelving racks and automated vertical carousels.

Automated high density shelving

High density automatic shelving systems are storage shelves and racks mounted on ADA compliant tracks that compact together to save up to 50% of floorspace compared to static shelving with aisles. Instead of multiple static aisles, the system only requires one or two movable aisles at a time. At just the push of a button, users can automatically open and close aisles to quickly find and retrieve items. The automatic shelving systems come standard with face panel controls but can also be configured with infrared remote access or LED touch pad controls. A variety of safety features ensure that both users and stored items or inventory are protected. Read more about high density automatic shelving.

Automated vertical carousels

automated motorized vertical carousels electronic storage racksVertical carousels are enclosed systems with vertically rotating shelves that turn at the push of a button to deliver stored items to the operator at an ergonomic, adjustable work counter. The vertical carousels eliminate the need for employees to bend, reach, and lift, which reduces efficiency and can lead to work-related injuries (and worker compensation claims). And because of their vertical design, the carousels take up significantly less floorspace than static shelving or racks.

The vertical carousels also come with built-in inventory management to avoid lost inventory and prevent overstocks or inventory shortages, along with increasing picking accuracy since the requested items is brought directly to the operator.

Additionally, these automated organization systems allow employees to be more productive as they don't have to walk through aisles searching for items, an estimated quarter of an employee's day without automated storage and automatic shelving systems. 

Both of these systems have been used in a wide variety of businesses and applications, from office and file storage, to healthcare, to industrial and automotive storage, and more. The storage possibilities are virtually endless, and we can help tailor an automatic shelving system to meet your exact storage needs. More on automated vertical carousels.

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