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The Effects of Nosocomial Hospital Acquired Infectionsportable ozone cleaners use o3 for disinfecting hospital rooms

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are infections that patients acquire while in a healthcare setting receiving treatment for medical or surgical conditions. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1.8 million patients suffer annually from HAIs. Also, the cost of these infections is about 40 billion dollars a year.

The Use of Ozone as a Disinfectant

Healthcare facilities use various methods of cleaning, sterilization, disinfection and hand hygiene to control HAIs. Other methods to go along with these are outlined in the CDC’s Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities including the use of Ozone. Ozone gas has been concluded to be an effective disinfectant of almost all the known pathogens causing nosocomial hospital infections.

control nosocomial hospital acquired infections with ozone from the mobile cartOzone can be used as a powerful oxidant for sanitizing surfaces and floating air particles because it kills pathogens faster than many other oxidants and it decomposes back to oxygen, leaving nothing to clean up. The disinfection of Ozone is based on the high oxidative effect that is inherent to ozone on the cell components of target microorganisms. Disinfection effects on cells and fungi, and inactivation of viruses are based on the fact that various biological cells and particles in microorganisms are directly oxidatively decomposed by ozone and undergo serious cell deterioration and destruction. This renders the microorganisms impossible to breed and survive. When exposed to ozone, cell walls rupture and disintegrate (cell lysis). Ozone has been shown to be effective in the disinfection of bacteria, molds, fungus, spores, biofilms and viruses.

Portable Ozone Cleaners Used in Healthcare Facilities

The Portable Ozone Cleaner can be wheeled around and moved into any health facility room as large as 10,000 cubic feet in size. It is self-contained and can generate ozone from oxygen, using either tank located in the cart itself or can be connected directly to the hospital oxygen supply. Ozone levels, humidity levels and exposure time are set and controlled by the carts under a computerized control and monitoring system and user interface.

control the portable ozone cleaners from outside the sealed room to stay safe

When the ozone disinfection cycle is complete, ozonized air from the exposed room is drawn back into the cart and passed thru catalytic decomposers that reduce the ozone back to oxygen and safe ozone levels that allow human entrance back into the disinfected space. This decomposer cycle is also computer controlled.

The entire disinfection and decomposition process is supervised from outside the room by either wireless or umbilical control. Various risk prevention methods are built in to the system software to prevent unwanted ozone exposure. If problem issues arise in the cycle the decomposer automatically kicks in and removes any existing ozone.

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