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Using Ozone to Reduce Infectious Diseases in ICUs and Surgical Suitesreduces infectious diseases in hospitals with the ozone disinfection cart

Reducing infectious diseases in intensive care units (ICU) and surgical suites is a top priority for hospitals. In addition to proper sanitization and hand washing, many hospitals are turning to the use of ozone to help disinfect the ICU and surgical suites. Ozone gas absorbed in water has been used for years as an effective drinking water disinfectant, and it’s the primary means of almost all sewage treatment methods used throughout the world. Now you can use ozone to reduce infectious diseases in your ICU and surgical suites with our state-of-the-art Ozone Disinfection Cart.

How the Ozone Disinfection Cart Worksozone carts reduce infectious diseases icus and surgical suites

The Ozone Disinfection Cart works in rooms as big as 10,000 cubic feet. First, the room is appropriately sealed including vents, door spaces, etc. with special predesigned masks and procedures to prevent any leaks that might cause unwanted exposure.

Then, you simply wheel the cart into the room. It is self-contained and generates ozone from oxygen in two ways: using a tank located in the cart itself or by connecting directly to the hospital’s oxygen supply. The entire disinfection and decomposition process is supervised from outside the room by either wireless or umbilical control.

The Ozone Disinfection Cart’s computerized system and user interface sets and controls everything including ozone levels, humidity levels and exposure time. When the cycle is complete, air from the exposed room is drawn back into the cart and passed thru catalytic decomposers that reduce the ozone back to oxygen and safe ozone levels that allow human entrance back into the disinfected space.

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