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Cost-effective wall mounted weapons locker storage 

wall mounted weapons locker storageStorage space for holding evidence and property confiscated from a crime scene is seen as a precious commodity among law enforcement agencies, and the need for it isn't going to let up any time in the near future. In fact, it will probably become an even more urgent necessity, especially with open carry gun laws having been legalized in 45 states. Despite efforts to prepare for such a change in the law, the recent passing of it in the Lone Star state has left many questioning how best to protect citizens without violating their legal right to carry. Take the steps necessary to assure the public of their safety by placing wall mounted weapons locker storage throughout your department. Designed specifically for securing handguns and ammunition, these cost-effective systems come in eight different door configurations and can be constructed as a single-door unit or feature as many as 10 doors at one time. Numbered tags are visible on each key-operated compartment and no one lock is the same. These features, along with heavy-duty construction, provide an unprecedented level of security and establish controlled access to stored items. In addition to wall mounted weapons locker storage for securing handguns and ammunition, we also offer lockers for storing evidence of all kinds.

Wall mounted weapons locker storage is good investment

buy police storage products onlineWall mounted weapons locker storage for securing handguns and ammunition are a great product for law enforcement agencies to invest in. In addition to saving floor space for more productive uses, the units also include a frame with a lifetime warranty, as well as a warranty of five years on moving parts. This means expenses for replacements will be less over an extended period of time. In addition, the integrity of the weapons and ammo stored there will be well intact thanks to the neoprene liner on the shelving. The systems are also available in an assortment of colors, making it easy for them to go with existing decor. There are also two mounting options to choose from: flush or surface.

Wall mounted weapons locker storage increase productivity

for securing handguns and ammunitionWith wall mounted weapons locker storage for securing handguns and ammunition at their disposal, law enforcement agencies can effectively store weapons separate from other evidence. This will reduce the risk of cross-contamination between evidence and increase accuracy of result-findings from evidence collected at the scene of a crime. It will also lead to improved inventory management and increased productivity. This is because weapons will be stored more efficiently.

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