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Firearm Cabinets and Weapon Racks

Firearm Cabinets and Weapon Racks keep small arms, rifles, and ammunition safe and secure from unauthorized access. We specialize in providing all types of Firearm Cabinets and Weapon Racks for law enforcement and military facilities (view Weapon Racks and Firearm Cabinet images).

Wall Mounted Firearm Cabinets for Small Arms, Pistols, and Handguns


Wall Mounted Firearm Cabinets are excellent for Sally Port entryways and any other areas that require secure temporary storage of small firearms, pistols, handguns, and weapons. Wall Mounted Firearm Cabinets are available in seven surface and flush mount configurations ranging from two to ten openings. These Firearm Cabinets are available with several combination and key locking options depending on your security requirements.

Wall Mounted Firearm Cabinets Standard Features:

  • Door openings 5 3/16" x 10 3/8" constructed of heavy duty 16 gauge steel (doors are 18 gauge steel)
  • Number identification tags on each door
  • Available with keyed locks or combination locks with master key
  • 1/8" neoprene liner on all shelves to protect weapons and locker surface


Click on the Handgun Wall Locker model number in the table below for pricing

ModelModelNo. ofCabinet DimensionsShippingSize of Wall Opening
HGF 02VFLUSH213"14 1/8"6 1/2"20 lbs13 1/2"14 1/2"6 1/2"
HGF 03VFLUSH313"20 1/8"6 1/2"27 lbs13 1/2"20 1/2"6 1/2"
HGF 04VFLUSH413"26 1/8"6 1/2"31 lbs13 1/2"26 1/2"6 1/2"
HGF 04FLUSH425"14 1/8"6 1/2"32 lbs25 1/2"14 1/2"6 1/2"
HGF 06FLUSH625"20 1/8"6 1/2"53 lbs25 1/2"20 1/2"6 1/2"
HGF 08FLUSH825"26 1/8"6 1/2"59 lbs25 1/2"26 1/2"6 1/2"
HGF 10FLUSH1025"32 1/8"6 1/2"82 lbs25 1/2"32 1/2"6 1/2"
HGS 02VSURFACE213"14 1/8"6 1/2"17 lbsN/A
HGS 03VSURFACE313"20 1/8"6 1/2"24 lbsN/A
HGS 04VSURFACE413"26 1/8"6 1/2"28 lbsN/A
HGS 04SURFACE425"14 1/8"6 1/2"29 lbsN/A
HGS 06SURFACE625"20 1/8"6 1/2"49 lbsN/A
HGS 08SURFACE825"26 1/8"6 1/2"55 lbsN/A
HGS 10SURFACE1025"32 1/8"6 1/2"78 lbsN/A


Firearm Cabinets for Long Arms, Rifles, and Shotguns

These Firearm Cabinets are available with a combination of small and large doors to store pistols and long arms. The Firearm Cabinet has individual locking storage compartments and a locking master door to allow access to all the stored weapons. Cabinets come in several configurations to maximize and secure weapon storage based on your requirements. Below are some standard features of the Firearm Cabinets for long arms, rifles and shotguns:

  • 1/8" neoprene liner on shelves to protect weapons
  • Heavy-duty powder coat finish on all surfaces resists scratches
  • Keyed or grouped combination locks
  • Heavy-duty continuous hinges on the small doors and extra heavy-duty on the main door
  • All welded construction, finished smooth, with doors bolted on
  • 4 year limited warranty

Secure Portable Handgun Storage Boxes

Secure portable handgun storage boxes for small arms and pistols will provide peace of mind knowing that handguns and pistols can now be safely stored and transported with minimal risk of unauthorized use. The portable handgun boxes incorporate a unique push button interlock complete with 2 keys and can also be padlocked if desired. There are three box sizes available to satisfy individual needs, each with a custom fitted washable cushioned interior to prevent movement and damage to contents. Secure portable handgun storage boxes come with the following features:


  • Light in weight available in three standard sizes with a convenient carrying handle
  • Choice of two locking devices
  • Fully welded construction with 4 year limited warranty

Vehicle Weapon Lockers

Vehicle weapon lockers store small handguns and rifles safely and discretely. These lockers are almost impossible to break into. We have vehicle weapon lockers to fit under your seat, in the trunk, under the dash, or in an overhead console (watch video on vehicle weapon lockers). The large trunk mounted vehicle weapon lockers come with a remote control providing quick access to weapons.

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Firearm Cabinets Brochures

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