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Customizable Hanging Garment Racks and Uniform Storage Shelving


Hanging Garment Racks and Uniform Storage Shelving store hanging uniforms, costumes, and wardrobe clothing for museums, schools, sports teams, churches, military and other commercial businesses (view hanging garment racks images). Constructed of heavy-duty steel, our racks and shelving are fully adjustable so you can keep your hanging garments and uniforms at the height you choose. The flexible design allows you to mix flat or tilted storage shelves, wire shelves, and roll-out drawers within the same storage unit. Add hinged or rolling doors to secure and protect your hanging garments if needed.

Planning Storage For Hanging Garments And Uniforms?

Are you planning storage for your for hanging garments or uniforms? We've installed racks and shelving for:

  • Band Uniforms
  • Athletic Uniforms and Jerseys
  • Museum Garments
  • Hanging Costumes
  • Choir Wardrobe Racks
  • Military Uniforms

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