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Storing Car Keys for Automotive Dealerships

computerized car key cabinet for automotive dealershipsAre the keys for your automotive dealership properly stored? Are you able to manage who accesses these keys, and see who has accessed them at any time? If the answer is no, then the computerized car key cabinet may be your solution for managing and tracking automotive dealership keys securely and efficiently. The system is entirely automated and secure, saving you time, human resources, and reducing the risk of lost, stolen, or misplaced keys.

How Does the System Work?

The cabinets have three simple steps.

First, users identify themselves via personal tag, username and password, or biometric identification (swiping your finger). Select "take out" on the touchscreen.

A list will appear on the touchscreen of stored keys. Users can only access keys that they have been previously authorized for. He or she will select the desired key, which will cause the drawer which contains it to flash and open. Inside the drawer, the specific bin that contains the select key will pop open. All other drawers and bins stay closed and locked. The user then simply tags the key with an RFID tracker and closes the drawer.managing tracking automotive dealership keys

The key will now be registered in that user's name. To return, the user presses "return" on the touchscreen, tags the key with RFID, places the key back inside its compartment, and closes the drawer.

Keytag asset tracking technology allows time limits to be set for each asset that will alert system managers and the key holder if a key is not returned on time. Real time information can also be given for each key.

Users can also record what they have used the key for (for example, to take a car in for repairs) or any relevant information about the car (ex: mileage). The system allows users to know who took which key, when it was taken, and for what purpose, so keys are always trackable without the need for manual logs.

There are multiple configurations of cabinets available, and the drawers and bins are modular so they can be reconfigured according to your needs.

Innovative Key Cabinets

Below are three various types of key cabinets to protect and track your keys. Each of the key cabinets below includes a RFID reader and key tags. Key compartment is 1.5" x 1.6" x 2.9". These cabinets can be configured with different sized compartments to store an assortment of items.

Optional Items: video camera, voice control, biometric reader, and magnetic card reader.

Model# of Keys StoredSale Price Including FreightUnit Photo
SSGFRAME198 198 $12,085 key wall cabinet ssgframe
SSGFRAME396 396 $17,045
SSGCOMPACT96 96 $12,495 key cabinet table top unit ssgcompact
SSGCOMPACT192 192 $13,085
SSGCOMPACT288 288 $14,845
SSGCOMPACT384 384 $18,145
SSGULTRA198 198 $18,395 key cabinet large stand alone ssgultra
SSGULTRA396 396 $20,050
SSGULTRA594 594 $23,364
SSGULTRA792 792 $25,895
SSGULTRA990 990 $30,895
SSGULTRA1188 1188 $34,895
SSGULTRA1386 1386 $38,895
SSGULTRA1584 1584 $41,895
SSGULTRA1782 1782 $45,895
SSGULTRA1980 1980 $48,895
SSGULTRA2178 2178 $51,895
SSGULTRA2376 2376 $54,895

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