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CSI 08 34 58 & CSI 08 34 59 vault Doors

csi 08 34 59 file vault room doors day gates anchorage fairbanks juneauCSI 08 34 58 and 08 34 59 file room doors, vault doors, and day gates enhance security and protect your records and other valuables for your business. The file room doors, vault doors, and day gates have high security locks, UL Class 350 & 72 fire ratings, have been explosion tested, and have 30ft impact ratings as outlined by CSI specifications. CSI 08 34 58 and 08 34 59 vault file room doors, vault doors, and day gates are available to all types of businesses and facilities in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, and throughout the state of Alaska.

file & vault room door specifications & features

File room doors and vault doors can be insulated or non-insulated. Insulated vault doors and file room doors are typically used where an NFPA rated fire resistant vault is appropriate, such as when a fire resistant vault is impractical but maximum fire protection is still needed. The door frames are easily installed with non-grout installation in walls 7" - 21" thick. Doors include an inside escape mechanism for increased safety. Two UL standard 140 compliant re-locking devices automatically reset the lock bolt in the event of the lock sustaining impact from tools or torches. Other standard and non-standard locking and re-locking options are also available, all of which comply with UL standards.

With 30 "man minutes" against unauthorized entry and up to 20 "man hours" against lock manipulation, the file room doors and vault doors provide long-lasting superior protection. The doors are outfitted with self-closing and self-locking day gates that further restrict unauthorized entry when the vault doors are open. Day gates fasten to the inside of the vault frame and swing easily into the vault, and also include heavy-duty key locks.csi 08 34 58 file vault room doors anchorage fairbanks juneau

The 08 34 58 and 08 34 59 file room doors, vault doors, and day gates come in several standard or custom colors and can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of thicknesses. Doors, frames, and gates all undergo rigorous testing to perform at standards that exceed UL required ratings to ensure the utmost quality, integrity, and security.

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